Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Might is Right

Nowadays ODI becomes a laboratory for ICC. Oneday day they introduce a rule and the very next day the withdraw it(Substitute system). Power play does no favour to relatively weaker teams. It tells this line from behind the shadow that [B]Might is Right[/B]. Indeed, it is not good for cricket. There is no balance exists anymore between Batsman and Bowlers. We used to see the humiliation of the Bowlers always in the twenty-twenty and sometimes in the ODI. Am I like it? Do we really enjoy this? How much longer? People roar when a Batsman hits a six. It is like a waterfall that breaks the sluice gate. It is like Hurricane. But nowadays it becomes nothing exciting. Hit a six and it solves all the problem. Hi-tech bat, fast outfield and Power play(in the 20-20 that also includes dance) everything is ready to entertain audience. Truely we enjoy it very much to see the muscle power as we like to see WWF. I truely believe that they should end this practice and make the balance between Bowler and Batsman.

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