Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bad decision

What exactly is the definition of "crucial decision"? Choice of Power Play, slog over bowling option, fielding set up.

I believe that it is a very simple solution of a much complex problem. Making a decision in the right time is always difficult job. A person makes a decision according to his plan and judgment and most of the time he is not sure about the success. So, clearly it is like gamble. It is expected that most of the time one will win. However, sometimes bad things happen and this creates negative impact upon his future decision.

Now, in this precarious situation if any person get another four people’s decision and judgment, surely he will be perplexed. How will he makes his decision? coin toss, nepotism? My guess is Ashraful will make the final decision. We all know that Ashraful know all types of cricket shots but he is not a good manager to choose his shots. So does it change anything very much?

It will create rift inside the team. For example, if Ashraful accepts the decision of Mashrafe, then it might create a bad impression on other three’s mind unless Ashraful give a explanation about this. Ashraful might loose his reputation among the junior members of the team because he is less powerful.

So, overall I do not think it is a wise move. The success of this new system again depends upon solely on Ashraful.

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