Monday, February 22, 2010

Tendulkar to attend Ashraful's wedding

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar will top the list of invitees when former Bangladeshi skipper Mohammad Ashraful gets married next year, his father has revealed.
“Sachin will be on top of our invitee list when my son decides to marry. Sachin asked my son what should be brought as a family gift but his visit to our home itself will be the biggest gift for us,” The Nation quoted Abdul Matil, as saying.

Although several other players have visited Ashraful’s house, including former Pakistani player Saeed Anwar and Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh, but Tendulkar’s visit stands out in Matil’s memory.

Speaking over his mobile from Dhaka on Sunday morning, he said, “Former Pakistani player Saeed Anwar visited our house last year when he came to attend some religious function in Bangladesh.”

“Sachin is my son’s favourite cricketer and since childhood he is his idealhero. We are very happy to receive him. Sachin is a very simple, sober and down to earth person,” Ashraful’s father said.

“Some 1000 people flocked him to see Sachin at my house. The people came to know about Sachin’s visit through media and mouth to mouth publicity,” he added.

Matil recounts how Tendulkar relished on Bangladeshi dishes served to him.

“He liked jumbo prawns and Hilsha fish (Ilish) very much. The sweets and fruits of his choice were also served,” he said.

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