Tuesday, June 22, 2010

please do not be such a drama queen!

There is no denying the fact that Bangladesh cricket team lost the match very badly against Pakistan cricket team. But I am totally disagree with you on this point "In affectionate remembrance of ODI cricket, which was killed by Bangladesh at Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium".

I am really shocked that you totally blame on Bangladesh cricket team on a large scale. They lost one match in utter humiliation and you only want to blame them for the large flaw inside the ODI system and cricket administration.

Bangladesh cricket team come here from middle of the England tour and has to go back England for the rest of the tour. It is quite challenging for any subcontinent team to go England and play descent cricket because of the weather and lively pitch. Consider the temperature now in England 20C but in SriLanka the temperature is 35C. It is very difficult for any team to adjust quickly.

Now, why this is happening? Because of the busyness of the schedule. There is a fixed time slot for the 'wretched' IPL but there is no time slot available for ASIA cup. Because the top ranking Asian countries do not earn much money from ASIA cup. Cricket schedule is so full now because of the twenty20 cricket. The ICC has no guts to stop this nonsense because of the pressure from corrupted cricket administrators. Even we (audience) also forget what is good or bad. IPL match clearly has no excitement because there is not enough quality players and no nationality involved but we have to accept it as a excitement fiesta because of the thousand line written every day by the journalists. They create a virtual reality that this is best of the best which is actually below par. This fiasco creates a negative impact on the audience and they no longer want to see cricket. But unfortunately this fact is always under the veil.

The main dangerous thing is that the cricket administrators do not want to decrease the total number of matches. On the other hand they are not afraid of changing the game rules. Experiment is not bad but over experiment is not appreciable. Consider the 3rd power play rule. This rule is only created for only team strong batting line up. This rule never gives any advantage to the weak teams which is against the spirit of the game. Excitement is part of the game and we all want some excitement from the game because probably we are dissatisfied of our own life. But we must also accept that not every match will be nail biting finish. If this becomes a common routine then where is the excitement.

So, Mr. Sidharth Monga please do not be such a drama queen! Observe the picture in bigger scale.


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