Saturday, August 25, 2012

Indian cricket board is like Fox news channel!

Read this article. Please read this article. Tests are not the only cricket And then think for about ten minutes. I know that it is not an easy job to think or analysis anything after reading indian cricket commentators article nowadays. Then if i may, please read this article. Don't blame the IPL for everything that's wrong

Have you found a common trend? Like Fox news, BCCI is trying to manipulate the common feeling. To judge something if something is good accurate and quality information is essential. But with the help of former crickets and commentators BCCI is following the path as Fox news by publishing articles, interviews which suits their own agenda. Lets discuss it in more details.

1. Panic Mongering: Is it time to bury the ODI?

This article is not the only example how BCCI currently hate ODI. It is really surprising. ODI makes BCCI so much rich. And makes famous to their most bankable player sachin tendulkar. Remove all records of ODI from him. He has a very good test cricket record. A very good one. But it is not the greatest. Mainly ODI records makes his best batsman in world history. Probably BCCI no longer need ODI as sachin tendulkar is not playing ODI cricket anymore.

2.Bullying: This is a favorite technique of several Fox commentators. Same is true for BCCI. Remember ICL. Former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi made startling revelations that the BCCI forced the ICC to change its constitution to outlaw the now defunct Indian Cricket League.

3. Confusion: DRS is the perfect example of the dirty tactics BCCI is used for its own purpose. At the beginning BCCI is happy about this technique. But when some decisions went against them they started a smear campaign. Dhoni asked question about the 2.5m rule. Quickly all the indian commentators asks the similar question. They played the tune like orchestra. Now DRS is out. Viva BCCI!

When somebody ask questions about the popularity of the twenty-twenty cricket. BCCI and its surrogate cricket commentators argue that a lot of people share the same perceptions. It is not a sign that something is true. It is sign that BCCI is selling lies.

 Twenty20 cricket is a circus. Sometimes it is fun watch lions, elephants and zebras showing cheap tricks using balls and fire. People claps but as soon as they leave tent, the greatest show on earth is over. Like Rome this kind of circus will haunt cricket in years to come.

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