Friday, October 31, 2008

Objection comment to Rob Houwing.

It is true Bangladesh placed 9th position in the ICC Test rankings. And as a test playing nation Bangladesh should play better cricket. You have presented some statistics but you must admit that Bangladesh makes lots of improvement from 1998 to 2008 in ODIs. The Test statistics for Bangladesh is not good. But I cannot understand why you are so eager to strip the test status of Bangladesh. If you want to tell us that most elite Test playing countries have no time to play some cricket against Bangladesh. They can spend their time by playing Stanford 20/20 or IPL and earn more money and glamour. Against Bangladesh there is no glamour. This is so true. If an elite Test playing country looses a match against Bangladesh, I can imagine their embarrassments. And I do not understand why you are so sympathetic for them.

In your article you have repeatedly mentioned "the new world order". And to save the new world order for the purity of the game the maiden (Bangladesh) must be sacrificed. This is a totally facile remark. I am personally very much surprised by this logic. How it is possible such a big problem ("the new world order" jointly created by Modi and Stanford) has such a simple solution?

I am shocked that you want this unholy "the new world order" should rule over cricket. The Cricket spirit lies in Country vs Country not a club vs club. As a sports editor you should promote that thing but unfortunately you lost the rudder and suddenly you discover the land of "the new world order". As a sports editor you should promote cricket. You should not write an article to banish a country from Test arena for the sake of "the new world order". You should personally apologies to call Bangladesh team a “mice”.

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