Monday, August 4, 2008

Capacity 15,000 (5,000 seated)
Floodlights Yes
End names McMillans Road End, Airport End
Home team(s) Northern Territory
Other sports Australian Rules Football
Current local time 09:25, Mon Aug 04, 2008 (UTC +0930)

Marrara Stadium is the premier outdoor stadium in Northern Territory, and watching cricket there is an engaging experience. Few grounds in Australia can match its intimacy and proximity to the action. The ground is flat and green, its superb condition attributable to Darwin's unique climate. Marrara is also one of the country's first outdoor venues to use a 'drop-in' pitch.

To reach standards required for international cricket, the stadium underwent a $3million renovation, giving the contrast of an impressive modern stand on one side of the ground and a rural-style hill area on the other.

In 2003 Darwin hosted its first Test as part of Australia's experimental "Top End Tour", hosting matches in the normal close season, although attendances were disappointing. (From cricinfo)

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