Tuesday, August 5, 2008

India won second Test Sri Lanka v India, 2nd Test, Galle

It is a surprise that India has leveled the series. It is always unbelievable that Indian players always play better game after tremendous pressure. As usual they do not play the game as a team rather than build the innings upon some individual performance. On the other hand SriLanka team at least play a bad game as a team. I do not know how long their new wizard sustain his performance. But it looks like one or two Indian players begin to fix their errors. And probably next day they publish the solution on their personal blogs. The result of third test may be fixed once two captions flip the coin in the middle of the spinning pitch. Both captains want to spin the coin as long as they can because it is the lucky metal that will fix the result of the match. The batting in the fourth day of a test in SriLanka is like batting in the middle of Tsunami.


PALS said...

DO you have some articles that define how cricket is played?

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Green Tea said...

Thank you for your question.
What I want to say is India heavily rely upon some(1 or 2) star performers. It creates unnecessary pressure upon them. If you carefully investigate the scorecard you can observe that how sehwag`s innings help India to win this test. But at the same time we can also find out from first test the negative impact.

Green Tea