Monday, August 4, 2008

The Northern Territory

Darwin's history is a colourful mix of aboriginal skirmishes, gold rush, Japanese WW II bombings and cyclone devastation. For more than a century Darwin was Australia's pioneering outpost in the isolated north, but today with Indonesia only a short flight away, it is our northern gateway to South East Asia and beyond.

The Northern Territory is roughly divided into two areas the "Top End" in and around Darwin which receives heavy rainfall for three to five months of the year and "The Centre" in and around Alice Springs which has low rainfall and no permanent rivers. Few people live in the vast areas in between with more than half of the Territory's population living within a 40km radius of Darwin.

Today, Australia's only tropical capital boasts a population of 77,000 who, like the city itself, are younger on average than the rest of Australia. The relaxed lifestyle, magnificent sunsets, near-pristine natural environment, multicultural mix and tropical splendour, all create a unique experience and as the advertising catchcry says: "you'll never never know if you never never go".

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